Ariston Eurocombi boiler’s condensate pipes are frozen

Hello Everybody,

I have installed an Ariston Eurocombi boiler three years ago. I worked well but now, I am suspecting that it is having a problem of frozen condensate pipes & as a result, the boiler stopped working. I am unable to understand the exact reason behind that is why; I need your help on an urgent basis, as it is quite cold outside.

Thanks a lot


Hi Ray,

In any boiler, condensate pipes are used for transporting the water to a drain outside. At times, condensate pipes become frozen in severe weather conditions. As you said, it is quite cold outside so, it simply means that you are facing this issue due to the extreme weather. I would advise checking your boiler in winters. Well, in order to sort it out, gently just pour the hot water on these pipes for melting out the cold/frozen water.

Ariston HE 24 boiler is discharging cold


I own a five years Ariston HE 24 boiler & it is discharging extremely cold approximately from last ten days. I have tried to fix this problem by restarting the boiler but I guess I am not doing it in a right way. Thus, someone please guide me



Hi Anthony, your boiler is facing this problem due to the following reasons. Try to concentrate on these reasons & call a boiler engineer if needed.

  • In case, the problem arises due to a loss of an expansion vessel, you just have to verify and recharge this expansion vessel
  • If the expansion vessel is congested or out of order just expand it to release the controller mechanism for cleaning or replacing it
  • If pressure is not correct, exchange the valve

Ariston Eurocombi Boiler oil nozzle is out of order


The oil nozzle of my newly bought and installed Ariston Eurocombi boiler is not working. Moreover, the oil is leaking & coming from it. What is the matter? How I can fix it? Help me please I am extremely worried.

Looking for your sincere suggestions


Hi Erick, do not take tension as the majority of the Ariston boiler users are facing this issue. I would like to share some potential reasons behind this problem. These are:

  1. Blocked Nozzle
  2. Defective electrical shutoff controller
  3. Central heating pump has no oil
  4. Drive or central heating pump is faulty
  5. Pump is full of air

You can fix it by checking or refilling the expansion tank of your Ariston boiler. Afterwards, do check & clean the boiler’s controllers and filters. In required, you have to clean or replace the oil nozzle. Well, for all this, it is better to seek help and advice from a boiler engineer.

Ariston Combi Boiler fumes and puffing

Hi All,

I have installed an Ariston combi boiler two years ago. Nowadays, I am facing an extremely weird problem and I do not know the reason behind it. I can clearly see the black smoke & fumes coming from an exterior ventilation shaft whenever I use my boiler. Is it something serious? Should I replace the boiler? Guide please

Thanks in advance


Hello, some potential reasons behind this issue along with their solutions are as follows:

  • Check the ventilation shaft, If it is blocked do clean it immediately
  • If there is an insufficient flow of air in the ventilation shaft then, check it thoroughly
  • In case of the insufficient combustion air supply to the boiler’s burner, check the fan
  • If the ventilation pipe or shaft is extremely large or existing capacity is unlined then, you have to check the condition or size of the ventilation shaft. You can change it if needed

Ariston HE 24 boiler short cycling

Hello Everybody,

I have bought and installed an Ariston HE 24 boiler six years ago. I was happy and satisfied with the performance of the boiler but from last few days, it is facing a problem of short cycling. It merely fires up for a second and afterward the boiler cuts out immediately. Is it a serious matter? Please help



Hi William,

The common reason behind the short cycling links with the firing & boiling of your boiler. As they both surpass the current system load, it will result in short cycling. In this case, the boiler fires up repeatedly for the short period but forcefully. In order to fix this issue, do check the following things:

  • Burner ratings
  • Thermostat
  • Few External controls

You can always call an experienced Ariston boiler engineer for in-depth investigation.

MicroGENUS HE Boiler turn off automatically

Hi Folks,

My five years old MicroGENUS HE boiler turns itself off repeatedly after few seconds. I have tried to fix it and restarted the boiler as well but all in vain. Someone please help me that how to resolve the problem?

Thank you so much


Hello Ann, some potential reasons behind it as follows:

  1. The boiler is dripping water
  2. Broken or faulty pressure relief controller. If it is so, call an Ariston boiler engineer and replace it instantly.
  3. Another challenging thing is the faulty thermostat, as because of this, the boiler cannot recognize the temperature of water. While on the other hand, in order to prevent overheating, your Ariston boiler will turn off repeatedly. On the safe side, it is better to check the water flow

I hope that this information will help you to fix this problem.

Ariston Eurocombi boiler continuously running central heating pump


Someone, please help me on an issue, which my two years old Ariston Eurocombi boiler is having from last 2-3 days. The central heating pump of the Ariston Eurocombi boiler is continuously running. What is the matter? Please guide me

Thanks for your kind help


Hi Vickie, do not worry, as it is an extremely common problem. Usually, a circulating central heating pump, which is directly linked to the Ariston boiler, runs from a PCB to let central heating pump work for few seconds as the demand for heating ends for removing the extra heating. Well, when it comes to your problem, the boiler is sending the required power continuously to the central heating pump. In order to fix this issue, it is better to replace the PCB with the help of a skilled boiler engineer.

Ariston Clas 30HE Boiler 501 error code

Hi All,

I have an Ariston Clas 30HE boiler, which is almost five years ago. The boiler worked well but now it is displaying a 501-error code. I have tried to fix this problem after consulting the user guide but no progress. Has someone faced this issue earlier if yes then please, share your kind suggestions along with the way out?

Thanks in advance


Hi Thomas,

You see a 501-error code whenever an issue with your boiler is lack or absence of the flame detection. Well, there are numerous potential reasons; however, it is most probably a jammed pilot jet. Nevertheless, you cannot diagnose this problem easily. Do call a boiler engineer and ask him to disassemble the boiler in order to clean a pilot jet & after doing this, reinstall it. Moreover, also ask him to check for something else, which can affect the flame detecting and ignition pattern of the boiler.

Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.

Ariston Combi Boiler no ignition

Hello Guys,

My four-year old Ariston Combi boiler is giving me a hard time from the last five days that is why I am here to seek expert advice. Actually, the burner is trying hard to spark on time at ignition mostly for 30 seconds, however unluckily there is no ignition. I would like to share that the boiler is repeating this pattern in order to ignite but no success. What could be a possible reason behind it?



Hi Jessica, firstly check the gas supply. Afterwards check the ignition leads, as they would cause your boiler not to ignite. In order to fix the problem, replace all the ignition leads but if your problem persists then, call a boiler engineer and ask him to test a gas controller with the help of the voltmeter in order to check that if the power supply is going to a gas controller but no catching fire. If this is a case, then I guess it is better to replace your boiler.

Ariston Clas 30 HE error code 303

Hi Folks,

My newly bought and installed Ariston Clas 30 HE boiler is showing a 303-error code since last night on its control board. I have restarted the boiler but the problem persists. Is something serious? The boiler is under warranty, should I replace it or call a service center? Please help me accordingly.

Thanks a lot


Hi James,

According to the Ariston boiler’s user manual, an error code 303 means that, the printed circuit board of the boiler is not working properly. A PCB is considered as the most expensive and important component because it accepts & provides signals to the electrical parts of the boiler. It is better to call an expert Ariston boiler engineer for detailed investigation. Sometimes, a boiler engineer can repair the weak electrical system & connections to a printed circuit board.