Ariston Eurocombi Boiler oil nozzle is out of order


The oil nozzle of my newly bought and installed Ariston Eurocombi boiler is not working. Moreover, the oil is leaking & coming from it. What is the matter? How I can fix it? Help me please I am extremely worried.

Looking for your sincere suggestions


Hi Erick, do not take tension as the majority of the Ariston boiler users are facing this issue. I would like to share some potential reasons behind this problem. These are:

  1. Blocked Nozzle
  2. Defective electrical shutoff controller
  3. Central heating pump has no oil
  4. Drive or central heating pump is faulty
  5. Pump is full of air

You can fix it by checking or refilling the expansion tank of your Ariston boiler. Afterwards, do check & clean the boiler’s controllers and filters. In required, you have to clean or replace the oil nozzle. Well, for all this, it is better to seek help and advice from a boiler engineer.