Ariston Combi Boiler no ignition

Hello Guys,

My four-year old Ariston Combi boiler is giving me a hard time from the last five days that is why I am here to seek expert advice. Actually, the burner is trying hard to spark on time at ignition mostly for 30 seconds, however unluckily there is no ignition. I would like to share that the boiler is repeating this pattern in order to ignite but no success. What could be a possible reason behind it?



Hi Jessica, firstly check the gas supply. Afterwards check the ignition leads, as they would cause your boiler not to ignite. In order to fix the problem, replace all the ignition leads but if your problem persists then, call a boiler engineer and ask him to test a gas controller with the help of the voltmeter in order to check that if the power supply is going to a gas controller but no catching fire. If this is a case, then I guess it is better to replace your boiler.