Boiler Types and Efficiency

Most people think that all boilers look similar and work the same, however this is not always the case. There are great differences between boiler technologies, efficiency and gas and/or electricity bills that we will have to pay at the end of the month? How come? The answer is- different technologies.

Ariston boilers are condensed boilers which means that they use back the extra-energy that comes as a side offect of water heating and evaporates in traditional boilers. Condensed boilers reuse this energy for heating, not letting it to escape via exaust (as it happens in case of traditional boilers), but puts it back to the system via condensed pipe. The purpose of condensation technology is to produce zero waste to gained energy. This zero waste becomes fast visible in lower amounts on monthly water/ gas/ electricity bills.

Did you know that around 30% of domestic energy consumption comes from hot water and central heating production? Thanks to Ariston condensed technology their boilers capture a lot of  heat that is being reused producing savings in both energy and very low NOx emission. Ariston Clas boilers are reaching thermal efficiency of 107%, which is a phenomenon of condensation.

Also worth mentioning that once replacing/buying new boiler it is worth checking the ErP labels of existing heating system parts. When replacing whole water or central heating system you should always consider products with same or higher ErP labels to gain further savings on electricity/ gas/ water bills. All Ariston products have ErP labels with A energy level and noise levels.

On the top of this all Ariston boilers can be combined with Solar Thermal and Air Source Pump solutions providing further savings on electricity. Installation of Ariston boilers doesn’t take more than half a day. naturally standard annual check up where system is checked, often re- pressuried, parts are cleaned etc need to be done yearly and should be performed by either Ariston boiler specialist (products under warranty) or Gas Safe Registered technician.

If you wonder what model to choose, you are free to follow our recommendation below:

  • for water heating solution where very small space for cabinet available- choose Andris Lux or Andris Luks Eco
  • all size houses where a boiler can fit into the kitchen cupboard or can be placed in utility room and boiler should provide both hot water and central heating- choose combi boiler Clas HE EVO or E Combi Evo with outputs of 24, 30, 38 kW
  • all size houses where a  can be placed in utility room and boiler should provide both hot water and there us a need for central heating only- choose system boiler E system Evo or Clas System Evo

Advantages of replacing your old boiler for Ariston condensing boilers

  1. Top A energy class solutions in every product category (electric, gas, renewable, oil)
  2. All new heating solutions provided are combinable with Solar Thermal or Air Source Pump solutions giving further gas/ electricity savings
  3. All necessary outputs for small, middle and big houses (up to two floors)
  4. Great customer service support
  5. Nice design, digital display and controls
  6. Fast installation and service

After checking efficiency rate of your existing boilers and comparing it with effiencies of new Ariston boilers,  you would most likely want to install one of the new models from Ariston boilers. If you feel that you have enough of repairing your old boiler and not knowing when it will break again (most probably in the worst possible moment) don’t hesitate ask for quotation and choose a new Ariston boiler today!