Ariston Clas 30HE Boiler 501 error code

Hi All,

I have an Ariston Clas 30HE boiler, which is almost five years ago. The boiler worked well but now it is displaying a 501-error code. I have tried to fix this problem after consulting the user guide but no progress. Has someone faced this issue earlier if yes then please, share your kind suggestions along with the way out?

Thanks in advance


Hi Thomas,

You see a 501-error code whenever an issue with your boiler is lack or absence of the flame detection. Well, there are numerous potential reasons; however, it is most probably a jammed pilot jet. Nevertheless, you cannot diagnose this problem easily. Do call a boiler engineer and ask him to disassemble the boiler in order to clean a pilot jet & after doing this, reinstall it. Moreover, also ask him to check for something else, which can affect the flame detecting and ignition pattern of the boiler.

Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.