Ariston Combi Boiler fumes and puffing

Hi All,

I have installed an Ariston combi boiler two years ago. Nowadays, I am facing an extremely weird problem and I do not know the reason behind it. I can clearly see the black smoke & fumes coming from an exterior ventilation shaft whenever I use my boiler. Is it something serious? Should I replace the boiler? Guide please

Thanks in advance


Hello, some potential reasons behind this issue along with their solutions are as follows:

  • Check the ventilation shaft, If it is blocked do clean it immediately
  • If there is an insufficient flow of air in the ventilation shaft then, check it thoroughly
  • In case of the insufficient combustion air supply to the boiler’s burner, check the fan
  • If the ventilation pipe or shaft is extremely large or existing capacity is unlined then, you have to check the condition or size of the ventilation shaft. You can change it if needed