Ariston Boilers Guide

Many users believe that all boilers look similar and actually do the same thing- heat the water in the taps or/and in the central heating system. As long as the basic purpose goes it is indeed the truth, the way they look differs and the functionality options vary really a lot, and we didn’t even start to talk about efficiency discrepancies. We created in order to gather all the information we found useful about Ariston brand. You will find here general description, model compare page extremely useful for those users who are thinking of purchasing a new model or comparing several boiler brands. You will find here troubleshooting manual page you can use each time you are experiencing an issue that need fast or professional solution as well as FAQ page which is an open forum for discussion and questions users many have.

Ariston boilers are part of Ariston Thermo Group, originally Italian domestic heating system and hot water solutions manufacturer. Ariston boilers move their headquarter to UK over 20 years ago, and in recent years company acquitted ATAG Heating expanding number of proposed solutions, products- including renewables.

Selecting Ariston

Selecting right model was never an easier decision. What you need to do is look through all the lastest models in our model compare section, choose the one that fit your needs and compare it with your home requirements like: number of present radiators, type of house isolation, desired water temperature in the taps or for central heating purposes.

Most popular Ariston boilers are:

  • Clas HE Evo and E-Evo– combi boilers proving hot water and central heating
  • E System and Class System Evo- for system solutions and middle to big houses type
  • Clas HE Regular– standard gas boiler with an output of 24 kW that can easily fit into the kitchen cupboard

All Ariston boilers have NOx emission class 5 (the best), ErP class A  are covered with standard 2 year warranty. Most common models Clas Combi HE Evo and Class System Evo come with up to 12 years warranty. Clas Combi HE Evo is able to support heating needs of the big houses with its output reaching 38kW.

Typical problems

Ariston boilers may experience some of the most common faults as same as other boiler brands do. Ariston Clas HE Combi boiler often looses system pressure and requires simple system filling to the level of 1-1.05 bar. Ariston Eurocombi boiler has sometimes issues with temperature control- especially after 7+ years of usage and requires a temperature sensors and thermostat replacement that can be done during the annual check-up service. An Ariston Microgenus 24HE MFFI model is very sensitive to any blocage in the flue ways or/and fan tubes that come to Air Pressure Switch, and those should be cleaned during each annual service or boiler will need Air Pressure Switch replacement. Typical boiler problems include, but not limit to: leaking: combustion seals and pressure, hose failures and almost all boilers, brand undependable after a months or years of usage get low water pressure within the system that need simple feeling via main valve. Some boilers may also trap the air that needs venting.

Warning!!! Unless you are a Gas Safe Registered technician and have necessary skills/ qualification/ knowledge about Ariston boilers you shouldn’t start troubleshooting, repairing or replacing parts on your own. It is prohibited by law to work on a gas appliance. What’s more doing illegal repair you can get severely injured by fire or gas explosion.