Ariston Eurocombi boiler’s condensate pipes are frozen

Hello Everybody,

I have installed an Ariston Eurocombi boiler three years ago. I worked well but now, I am suspecting that it is having a problem of frozen condensate pipes & as a result, the boiler stopped working. I am unable to understand the exact reason behind that is why; I need your help on an urgent basis, as it is quite cold outside.

Thanks a lot


Hi Ray,

In any boiler, condensate pipes are used for transporting the water to a drain outside. At times, condensate pipes become frozen in severe weather conditions. As you said, it is quite cold outside so, it simply means that you are facing this issue due to the extreme weather. I would advise checking your boiler in winters. Well, in order to sort it out, gently just pour the hot water on these pipes for melting out the cold/frozen water.