MicroGENUS HE Boiler turn off automatically

Hi Folks,

My five years old MicroGENUS HE boiler turns itself off repeatedly after few seconds. I have tried to fix it and restarted the boiler as well but all in vain. Someone please help me that how to resolve the problem?

Thank you so much


Hello Ann, some potential reasons behind it as follows:

  1. The boiler is dripping water
  2. Broken or faulty pressure relief controller. If it is so, call an Ariston boiler engineer and replace it instantly.
  3. Another challenging thing is the faulty thermostat, as because of this, the boiler cannot recognize the temperature of water. While on the other hand, in order to prevent overheating, your Ariston boiler will turn off repeatedly. On the safe side, it is better to check the water flow

I hope that this information will help you to fix this problem.