Ariston HE 24 boiler short cycling

Hello Everybody,

I have bought and installed an Ariston HE 24 boiler six years ago. I was happy and satisfied with the performance of the boiler but from last few days, it is facing a problem of short cycling. It merely fires up for a second and afterward the boiler cuts out immediately. Is it a serious matter? Please help



Hi William,

The common reason behind the short cycling links with the firing & boiling of your boiler. As they both surpass the current system load, it will result in short cycling. In this case, the boiler fires up repeatedly for the short period but forcefully. In order to fix this issue, do check the following things:

  • Burner ratings
  • Thermostat
  • Few External controls

You can always call an experienced Ariston boiler engineer for in-depth investigation.